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Welcome to the Douglas Stewart webinar series! Your one stop shop for live and on-demand. Check out our webinars to enhance your knowledge of education ready products and solutions while learning new ways to position and sale national brands.
The Headphone
with TWT
Extend your listening experience with TWT to enhance customer knowledge and create focus and collaboration in the classroom. View the webinar [and download the presentation] to learn who TWT Audio is in the classroom, why TWT Audio is your education solution, benefits of using TWT products, and more!

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The Dog Ate My Charging Cable!
Join us as we take a closer look at the top charging challenges facing K-12 schools post-pandemic and how PowerGistics is part of the solution. You’ll learn why PowerGistics is so much more than just a charging cart and how you can offer value to your customers. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain access to PowerGistics sales resources and find out how to earn money with deal registration!

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KLIK Stimulates Student Participation While Fostering Structure in the Classroom
The KLIKBoks HUB is a valuable tool for educators looking to create dynamic and interactive learning experiences. Join us to learn about how the Hub supports content sharing, multi-screen displays, integration with video calling platforms, and live video feeds, making it a versatile solution for modern classrooms, whether they operate in-person, remotely, or in a hybrid mode.

Presented by: Costa Lokoumentas – CEO, KLIK
Eric Shin – EVP Sales, KLIK

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Invention Kit for the 21st century with Makey Makey
Come learn about the latest product offerings from Makey Makey! Makey Makey is a revolutionary invention kit that turns everyday objects into touchpads and controllers. Their new accessories make it even easier to create unique and engaging learning experiences for your customers. This webinar is perfect for resellers who are looking for new and innovative ways to market their products and services.

Presented by:
Colleen Graves – Director of Communications, Community, and Creative Content, Makey Makey
Eli Phillips – Sales Lead, Makey Makey

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Bringing Coding to Life
Empower educators and inspire students with Dash
Come find out the latest product offerings from Wonder Workshop! Wonder Workshop simplifies coding by providing pre-built lessons and activities that are assignable and trackable from a teacher dashboard. Students are engaged and inspired by coding adventures with Dash in a vibrant virtual world or with a physical Dash in the classroom.

Presented by:
Tim Tomaso / Channel Manger

Join us to learn:
• Who Wonder Workshop is in the educational field
• Latest announcements and upcoming shows
• Which bundle will fit your school’s needs
• A deep dive into Class Connect and blockly
• New Wonder Workshop updates, news, and more

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